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Responsible Policies

ResponsibleME works closely with School Management and Governing Body Representatives through our School Policy Workshops to ensure that the rights of all learners and educators are respected.

When it comes to discrimination and the stigma attached to the increasing number of learners and educators infected with HIV&AIDS, specific policies need to be in place to ensure that:

  • Learners and educators with HIV are managed appropriately
  • Further HIV infection is prevented
  • A non-discriminatory and caring learning environment is created
  • Ensure that there is accountability for implementing and failing to implement the plan
  • The rights of all learners and educators are respected
  • Quality education prevails
A national policy on the management of HIV&AIDS in schools has been drafted by the Department of Education for public learning institutions. Each school must implement the National Policy of HIV&AIDS for Learners and Educators in Public Schools. However, some schools and governing bodies lack the know-how to develop, integrate and implement their own school specific policies in keeping with the principles of the national code of conduct on HIV&AIDS. ResponsibleME assists schools in assessing their specific needs and ensuring that these are integrated into a practical and well implemented policy.

The workshop focuses on the 5 priority areas of:

  1. Prevention
  2. Providing care and support of learners affected by HIV&AIDS
  3. Providing care and support for educators affected by HIV&AIDS
  4. Working together to continue to protect the quality of education
  5. Manage a coherent response

By the end of the workshop each school will be able to:

  • Design their own school specific HIV&AIDS School Policy draft based on the 5 priority areas, and school specific environment
  • Draw up an action plan to support the school specific HIV&AIDS policy
  • Outline measures to ensure communication and implementation of policy is put in place
  • Outline a measurement initiative to ascertain whether school policy is on target/and review thereof