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The youth of today are confronted daily with situations and choices they are not entirely equipped to deal with. This is where ResponsibleME steps in.

Through targeting educators and learners, the program encourages participants to talk about these situations and seeks to inspire them in making responsible choices.

Issues around stigma, gender bias, and cultural challenges are addressed and participants are provided with the skills to negotiate difficult or uncomfortable situations in order to better facilitate healthy decision making.

This generation of young people do not understand the nuances of sexual behaviour, nor the biology of HIV transmission. They find it difficult to recognise the difference between sex, love and abuse.

Some of the more significant problems are ignorance surrounding teenage pregnancy, social stigmas and gender violence. Whilst there is significant HIV awareness, correct knowledge is distressingly low and risky sexual behaviour continues.

Social stigma and unwillingness to be tested for infection, has contributed to the spread of HIV. Women in particular have been the victims of coercion and gender-based violence from their husbands and sexual partners who refuse to use condoms.

ResponsibleME solves a lot of this through our 8-Lesson programs, and from our feedback we can see that our engagement with the youth has a profound impact on the way they view the world and themselves, as well as the way they operate in it.

Our job is also to reinforce that messaging, and to make sure that they have the confidence and skills to continue feeling in charge of their lives.

The ResponsibleME workshops incorporate a participatory and interactive design to encourage dialogue, debate, discussion and learning. The lessons enable the educators to confidently and competently share their knowledge with their learners. The trained educators then have the opportunity to practice teaching these lessons in their classrooms with the observation, collaboration and support of the ResponsibleME facilitators. During these sessions educators are coached on their identified challenge areas and motivated around their strengths.

The 2-day teacher training workshops typically include:

  • Program induction
  • Any specific school issues, like high pregnancy rates
  • Discussion around commitment and action planning
  • Need for HIV&AIDS education
  • Role of schools in HIV&AIDS education (motivation and inspiration)
  • Experiential of lessons HIV&AIDS knowledge transfer
  • Action plan and reporting requirements for lesson implementation
  • Co-teach preparation
  • Action planning for in-classroom delivery
  • Attendance certification

So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, especially on a qualitative level, where educators especially showed an appreciation for the knowledge, skills and content required to train learners on HIV&AIDS, as well as giving them the opportunity to share their own fears in an open, safe and informative environment. They appreciate that ResponsibleME comes to the schools for the intervention, and they are encouraged that the program is impactful.

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