About Us

ResponsibleME has been working in South Africa since 2008.

The ResponsibleME Family.

In order to succeed academically, youth must first be able to respect and  communicate effectively with each other and their educators. ‘ResponsibleME’  starts with the basics by building psychosocial skills, aiming to reduce  behaviour problems and violence among learners.

Over the past ten years, ‘ResponsibleME’ has succeeded in empowering  communities across South Africa. Using reinforced messaging, this program  targets educators and learners to affect long term behaviour changes.  Participants are encouraged to talk about social stigmas and contextual  challenges and to make responsible choices.

In conjunction with building psychosocial skills, ‘ResponsibleME’ addresses a  number of social, environmental and economic issues. This includes but is not limited to poverty, HIV, gender based violence and unemployment. These issues are addressed by using similar participatory frameworks to encourage dialogue, debate, discussion and growth.

Our Mission

To enable youth to reach their potential; making responsible choices through knowledge, support and reinforcement.

Our Vision

To contribute towards a generation of self-motivated thoughtful young people who participate fully in South African society: making responsible and informed choices about their health and future.

Our Values

Empowerment, Community and Diversity.

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