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School Programs

Equipping youth with the knowledge and skills to deal with daily challenges and encourage long term behaviour change.

School Policy Program

Working with schools and governing bodies to ensure their school policies respect the rights of educators and learners.

Family Support

Assisting parents to develop safe, open and trusting environments to encourage more communication amongst families.

About Us

Since 2008, ResponsibleME has worked with schools across South Africa, providing training for educators and reaching learners, their families and communities, to encourage responsible decision makers.

Who We Are ?

As the flagship education and prevention initiative of the Regency Foundation Networx, we believe it is a mission that will have a significant and positive impact in the lives of the South African youth.

We take a holistic approach that promotes healthy and considered life choices around sexual behavior, career advice, self-development, nutrition, effective communication, friends and family – ResponsibleME is an outreach program that offers a real solution to educators and learners.

Our Mission

Enable youth to make responsible choices.

Reduce social stigmas
Increase awareness around HIV and teen pregnancy
Create long term behavioural change

Why We Need Your Help

19.7 million children live in South Africa, just over 30% of the whole population.

59% of children live below the poverty line.

260,000 children (0-14 years) are living with HIV.

55,2% youth unemployment rate.

This is why we need YOUR help to reach these children.


Learners Reached

Educators Trained

Parents Reached

School Programs

Our Schools Program equips educators and learners with the  language and skills to inspire them to seriously consider the consequences of their behavior and the choices they make. ResponsibleME focuses on a variety of areas that impact learner's development.

Body - Sex Education

Informing learners of safe sex practices, contraceptive options & menstruation.

Business Ignite

Developing skills and practical knowledge in learners to increase employment opportunities.

Teenage Pregnancy

Awareness around pregnancy & provide support pre & post birth to return children to school.


Learn about nutritious foods and balanced diets, growing their own vegetable garden.


Creating awareness & a sense of responsibility with regards to HIV/AIDs.


Environmental sustainability in schools and communities through project based learning.

School Programs coming soon

These are some of our upcoming programs we are launching. If you would like to work with us on one of the programs below please get in touch.

Early Child Development

Targeting children and their families in the first years to ensure proper development.


Improving school facilities and building homes for members of the community.

Mobile Health Bus

The mobile bus provides basic healthcare services: general checkup, optometry & dental.


Get Involved

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