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“ResponsibleME is an excellent benchmark in the health focus area. The programme design and the management of the programme ensures that the impact of the programme is far-reaching with high business returned for BHP Biliton Metalloys South Africa… Out of all the programmes funded ‘ResponsibleME’ yielded the highest community impact of all and is rated number one. Not only that, in the health portfolio ‘ResponsibleME’ also yielded the highest return for the company.” Next Generation Development Consultancy Agency

- Independent Impact Assessment for BHP Biliton Manganese

“Teenage pregnancies have decreased. Self-awareness and better understanding of HIV & AIDS. Learners start to abstain from sexual activities. They have realized the dangers of unprotected sex.” Educator

“I am going to use it to do things that are right for me and to always find courage to say no to people who try to pressure me to do things that would destroy my future.” Kulana

Learner, Xibukulana Secondary

“I have changed my behavior both at home and at school. I have few friends now because I have realized the others were not my true friends as they were pressurizing me to do sex and use drugs.” L. Dlamini


“I have learned everything, now I know how to speak to my child about sexual related issues and not avoiding it.” Mfikiselwa

Parent, Gobindlovu High

 “This intervention is an empowerment to teachers and learners that will make a great difference in our quest for quality teaching and learning”


Senior Primary School

“In our opinion it is definitely a best practice case study, not only in a development context, but also with regards to the evidence provided of impact and return. Advanced monitoring and evaluation practices place it in a different category to other organisations.” Reana Rossouw

Next Generation Consultants

“Previously we had learners who were mischievous, but through the information that you have provided, we have been able to advise the learners better and their behavior has improved…” Intaphuka Primary

“We have also noticed that the learners are no longer ashamed to mention that they are going to the clinic to collect their ARVs, where as before, the stigma attached to their illness was too much to bear and learners felt too ashamed to share.” Educator

“I had little knowledge about HIV, but after today I am ready to help others who are having insufficient knowledge about the disease.” Ms M Somo

Educator, Fortune Kunene Primary

“The workshop empowered me a lot. I gained more knowledge on HIV & AIDS. The method and strategies of presenting a lesson were very good more especially role plays…” Mrs Phete G.S.

Educator, Thusego Intermediate

“My life has changed after receiving the lessons because I used to drink alcohol but I have learnt how it contributes people to get the virus by making wrong choices which results in failing to achieve future goals.” K. Biyela


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